We Believe in Partnership.

We are Comaea Consulting, a market-leading, knowledge-based, technology-oriented Strategic HR Consulting team. Our objective is to build long-term partnerships and to create value for our clients.

Comaea Consulting was started with a belief that rapidly changing technology, industrial shift, and changing demographics of talent would demand stronger external partnerships on Strategic HR issues. This would in turn need to integrate full spectrum of Strategic HR services on a single platform.

With aim to establish one of the most competent consulting teams we are here to support our clients as a true HR Business partner. Typically on their Recruitment, Competence Management, Organizational Design, Individual and Team Development initiatives.

We want to help our clients’ also operationalize their Strategic HR issues in practical terms and solve them swiftly. Partnering with Comaea International we help companies achieve state of the art and a cloud-based talent management platform.

Who we are

We connect right talent with the right opportunity within our client organizations. Our investments focus on building robust consulting capabilities and ensure that we have fun while doing what we do to create value for our clients. We want to share with our clients cutting edge knowledge base on Strategic HR that is practical and business oriented.


Our Vision is to be the best Strategic HR Consulting Partner to our clients and a fun company to work with for all.

Our Mission is to ensure that in our client organizations talent thrives and business prosper though our committed client partnership.

We always strive for the right fit and joy in working!

Our customers

Our customers understand the importance of harnessing the potential of their people so that their organizations as a whole can move towards their goals.