The value of values

These are values that guide our business, our services and our brand. They are what we look for in our team members. While our company will continue to grow and evolve, these five values remain constant.

  • Open company

    Comaea Consulting embraces transparency. We are not afraid of being honest with ourselves, our team and our customers.

  • Build with heart and

    Every day we work to do things that make life easier for our customers. We care about people in what we do – it's a way of life for us. We take into account how our decisions affect our team, customers and stakeholders.

  • Don't hurt the

    With each decision that our team makes, we ask ourselves "how will this affect our customers?" If the answer is "make life difficult", then we find better ways. We want our customers to be happy with us.

  • Play as a team

    We want all of us to feel like they work with Comaea Consulting, not for Comaea Consulting. We think it's important to have fun with your workmates while working and contributing to the Comaea Consulting team.

  • Be the change
    you seek

    We advocate the change we seek in organisations. At Comaea Consulting, we encourage everyone to create positive changes- we're constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves, our services and our company.