Developing The Key People

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching of a prospective managing director.

How we helped to eliminate toxic leadership tendency in the future

leader of a company.

Our client is one of world’s largest offshore support company. They had identified an internal candidate to take over the role of the managing director. However, his past performance appraisals and 360 degree feedback indicated that he needed to improve upon his aggressive attitude and acidic behaviour. Further, as a potential candidate, he needed to work upon and prove his ability to influence others as well as sustain diplomatic cross broader collaboration of various units.

One choice was to assign an internal mentor for the future managing director. However, even after six months of the mentorship programme, it did not prove to be impactful. So the management decided to hire an external coach to groom him more intensely through a customised executive coaching programme.

The candidate was offered a choice of three coaches and he chose the one from Comaea Consulting. 12 sessions over 12 months helped him not only to improve upon the identified gap areas but also his work life balance. Within months, that inherent negativity which was so characteristic of him, showed a marked decline in his attitude and behaviour; even his family life improved for the better. Four months further down the line, the management found him ready to take on the role, in which he successfully transitioned. Currently, he is sustaining the role and delivering results that meet and exceed the company’s goals.

Assessing Present Capabilities


Capability review for a maritime services company

How we assessed whether the company was promoting the right candidate as the managing director

Our client is one of the major maritime services companies. They identified one of their loyal employees as potential managing director, though a section of the management found gaps in his leadership capabilities. The observations however, rested as individual opinions and failed to indicate as such, what could be done to bridge the gaps.

One choice was to send the future managing director for an executive coaching programme, but it was voted out as its objectives were found to be unfocused and untargeted. Finally, the management decided to get an individual assessment of the candidate done to have a more robust understanding of his key strengths and development areas. They invited Comaea Consulting to conduct the individual capability review and gap analysis.

We, from Comaea Consulting stepped in and defined the capabilities of the identified candidate, translated it in a capability matrix, assessed him against the said matrix and found out the key areas of development. Subsequently, the assessment outcomes were shared with him as well as the retained executive coach of the company. The latter was further briefed on the possible development axis that could be considered during the coaching of the prospective managing director. After a given period of time, he took on the role of the new managing director and began to perform successfully to meet the objectives of the company.


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