Define The Needed Capabilities

Job analysis and Design

Job analysis and design of the newly created regional manager role

How we facilitated the development of sales in a stagnant product segment

Our client is one of the world’s largest players in the paper manufacturing industry. They required their specialty paper segment to be developed further as the sales figures were flat over the past three years. Challenges inherent in that segment called for a unique mix of stellar technical competence and aggressive sales acumen in the manager.

The client realised that they needed a competent, talented and dynamic manager to enable this stagnant sector to grow. They could either hire the candidate from the outside market or promote someone internally. Either way, they were not very sure of what the ideal mix of job component could be and what factors will make the hired skill be successful on job. The additional complexity was brought on by the fact that some of the stakeholders liked an internal candidate, who was then serving as the country manager for one important market. At this critical juncture, Comaea Consulting was invited to resolve this issue.

Based on the research and analysis done by the internal and external stakeholders and typical customers of the company, Comaea Consulting designed the job profile of the manager. We built an efficient capability mode to ascertain exactly what could be the ideal mix of personality traits and technical skills that could make the candidate successful on-the-job. To that effect, we carefully assessed and rigorously coached the internal candidate and he took on the strategic role. As the necessary outcome, the segment grew by 25% and began to earn high returns in the very next year and the percentage was endorsed by client feedback.


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