Developing The Key People


Management development programme for a leading ship management company

How we aligned the management cadre on the identified growth path of a shipping company

Our client is one of the world’s largest shipping lines with regards to vessel capacity. They required their senior level managers to develop the capabilities to manage ship operations efficiently, facilitate greater team work, collaboration, and greater sense of leadership and management initiatives.

One choice was to hire from the outside market, but this particular industry is known to be challenged worldwide by about 20% shortage in the management cadre. Besides, hiring new skills increases the cost of manpower. That is why, the company chose to groom the existing management cadre, internally.

We, from Comaea Consulting helped to achieve their strategy by organising a leadership and management development programme, where 40 senior level managers were coached on leadership goals and effective team management. We also conducted a vision- mission-values workshop to align the cadre on the identified growth path of the company. This exercise reduced friction in their communication and brought the entire team on the same page leading to better management of ship operations of their vast fleet.


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