Assessing Present Capabilities


Helping a law firm in making a hiring decision at partner level

How we facilitated management bandwidth of a law firm for 25% growth year-on-year

Our client is one of the largest law firms in Asia. They recently decided to expand the team and scale up from top 20 slot to top 5 on their national law firm rankings. This required hiring a capable partners from outside.

They were in the process of ramping up partner pool and for their Banking and Insurance practice, narrowed down on two finalists with more or less equal book size and pedigree. Both the candidates displayed brilliant track record and therefore, our client company were not sure who would be the best fit to meet their future objectives, challenges, and expected scale of operations. So they invited Comaea Consulting to resolve this conundrum.

First, we defined the implications of strategy on partner level capability assessment and built a suitable capability model for selection of the right candidate. Then, we took both the candidates through a rigorous assessment process and provided them the necessary feedback on their performance. Then, we presented the client with a detailed report on each candidate and our clear recommendation as number 1 and 2 or the most preferred and the second best candidate backed by logical justification of our hiring decision. The client decided to go by our choice and the partner was invited on board. Soon, the new hire deepened the firm’s expertise, broadened its capabilities, brought in worthy clients and proved that our partner hiring effort was successful.


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