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Why is Competency Management important?

In today’s fast paced, competitive environment, it has become essential for organizations to facilitate their corporate strategy through their people strategy. This link is achieved by linking the organizations vision and mission to individual jobs and employees performing them.

Correctly identified competencies, at a macro-level govern the organizations success in meeting its goals and objectives. At a micro level, the right competency model has a direct impact on the talent we attract to our organization, their skill set, job performance, development and career path.

In the larger context, competency modelling can link your organization’s goals to its building blocks - the employees who are the foundation for long term growth.

Your company will grow as far as the talent you nurture!

End-to-End Expertise

End-to-End Expertise

Comaea brings you end-to-end expertise in competency management:

- Competency modelling
- Organization design
- Job profiling
- Assessment for individuals and teams
- Company-wide performance management
- Stakeholder perception and market studies

It’s all about finding the right fit!

People are your organization’s most valuable asset. Hence it is important to attract the best suited talent with your long-term strategic goals. High productivity and the right fit of employees is the key to organizational success. The talent you acquire will eventually be your company’s brand ambassador. The cost of wrong hire on the other hand can go up to employees 16 months salary.

We help you find people who are just the right fit for your organization and specific job context. Understanding the importance of the right recruitment, we offer you a thorough and structured recruitment process to acquire the best suited human capital you need.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We help our clients reduce risk of mismatch in organizational expectations and individual’s delivery.

- Capability modelling: Framing competencies required for the job role in your organizational context using our established competency modeling methodologies

- Identifying: Short-listing candidates suiting the agreed framework through variety of sourcing channels

- Interviewing: A structured active interview process that is able to narrow down the qualified candidate pool to few highly suited candidates

- Assessing: Assessment and gap analysis of the short-listed candidates using variety of assessment tools including psychometric profiling

- Recommending: Giving specific feedback on finally selected candidate to harness their full potential

- Induction support: Finally following the selected candidate over 6-12 months on their induction process in the organization

Awareness is the first step towards growth!

In your journey to meet your goals, stopping for a while to take a stock of your capabilities is needed to capitalize on your strengths and work on weaknesses. Our assessment methodologies applies to individuals, teams, business units, and entire organizations.

Using a variety of methodologies, we partner with you on your journey to success by enabling you to conduct an objective assessment of your strength and weakness and helping you frame your development needs.

Assessment Scope

Assessment Scope

- Individuals
- Teams
- Functions
- Company-wide performance
- Stakeholder perception
- Market analysis

Maintain your competitive edge!

Development is all about harnessing expertise of your individual employees, teams and your organization, and then taking it to the next level!

The next step to self-awareness is implementing an action plan to move forward, converting your strengths to competitive advantage, and actions that help you bridge your weaknesses.

Competency Methodologies

Competency Methodologies

Comaea Consulting has state of the art methodologies to guide you on this journey. We help you in individual, team and organizational development through:

- Psychometric assessment
- 360 degree feedback
- Individual coaching
- Team coaching
- Employee opinion surveys

Enhance employee engagement and productivity

Make your organization one of the best places to work, enhance employee engagement, team productivity, and talent retention!

Comaea Consulting brings to you tailor-made interactive leadership and team building workshops and training programs. We enable you to challenge yourself to move out of your comfort zones and manage change effectively.



- Leadership Training: Preparing you to move ahead to your next role, develop capabilities and create value.

- Industry specific training programs: Partnering with some of the leading people and organizations in their respective fields. For example, we are developing programs for executives from shipping, consulting, elevator and other industries.



- Vision-Mission Workshops: To facilitate organizational alignment.

- Strategy Workshop:  A good strategy, implemented well is a battle half-won. We facilitate workshops to help you shape your strategy and alignment to keep you ahead in the race towards market leadership. 

- Team Building Workshops: Efficient and productive teams running like well-oiled machinery ensures organizational success. Our team building workshops help you develop this culture.



- Executive Outplacement is a service that is geared to support your senior and mid-level executives who are impacted by downsizing of your operations. Offered to those executives who have been highly valuable to your success and growth in past, it prepares them to search and find new opportunities matching their skills and capabilities to future career goals. They have been your most valuable assets but unfortunately they are not ready of the job market realities.

- Career Transition services similarly includes helping senior executives who anticipate losing their job or have lost their jobs and now on need support in finding next job own their own initiative. Our general Outplacement workshop series caters to the class room type of training and preparation for more than five employees who are impacted by downsizing for a particular organization.