Developing The Key People


Initiating behavioral change through 360 degree feedback system.

How we sensitised the top management to give up toxic behaviour.

Our client is one of world’s largest third party asset management company. Over the years, the attrition rate had been escalating and in the exit interview, the outgoing employees suggested that the top management and the leaders were being too cut throat and insensitive in their approach for a healthy working atmosphere to persist within the company. However, the awareness was found to be lacking at an individual level of the concerned cadre, who seemed to be under the impression that showing an alpha personality was the smartest way to motivate subordinates to perform.

One choice for the company was to maintain the status quo and not rock the boat. However, the CEO, being a peoples person, chose to send the right message across and ensure that his team understood the implication of their behaviour.

Comaea Consulting was called upon to perform this task and our consultants designed a 360 degree feedback system to let the managers know how they were perceived by others and then interpreted the results at an individual level. This helped them realise that their attitudes and behaviour were counter productive to the company’s interests and lead to high level of attrition rates. Soon they implemented our suggestions and the working atmosphere improved and as a result the attrition rate dropped


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