The Need For A Holistic Understanding of HR Issues

Effective management of human resources results in organizational excellence by architecting the right structure to get things done and by managing the workforce to do their best. Any conflict and challenge regarding HR casts direct impacts on an organization's performance and hampers its growth. Therefore, it is indispensable for HR leaders and consultants to tackle these problems in a way that eradicates them from the roots and never relapses.

Often, HR consultants are at a loss because they are unable to work out a solution with impacts that sustain in the long haul. This is mainly because they jump directly to look for a solution once they identify the problem

Comaea Consulting however deals with every human capital dilemma from a holistic and strategic standpoint. Instead of moving forward to find a solution, we take a step back to identify the root cause of the problem and our 4T framework greatly helps in that.

The Comaea Consulting 4T Framework

4T framework is Comaea Consulting's fundamental problem-solving tool that comprehensively investigates the interplay of four factors: Team, Training, Talent, and Tradition (hence the name 4T) to discover underlying mechanisms that may be causing disruptions and impacting organization's performance and growth.

According to the 4T approach, all business challenges spring from the confluence of these four Ts, making a thorough investigation of these factors inevitable for the discovery of the root cause.

The Power of 4T Framework

Determining the underlying issue sets us in the right direction, allows us to pursue the correct strategies, and enables us to enact tactics so that the issue at hand can be solved in a way that yields a positive and far-reaching impact. We use this tool with every project and every client, and it always proves its effectiveness by producing better outcomes.

For instance, when a maritime major sanctioned us with the task to find a replacement for a recently departed executive, we didn't immediately start pushing resumes to our client. Rather, we first used this 4T framework to understand the cause behind this incumbent's departure. Our deep scrutiny revealed the interplay of unclear reporting line (team) and cultural misfit (tradition) to be the underlying causes. Taking this insight, we devised our search strategy and succeeded in finding a profile that was both a cultural fit and a team player.

That is how this 4T framework goes beyond all sorts of intuitive predictions and generalities and identifies the core issue. It demands to shift the problem-solving approach from finding solutions to finding the root cause and it also highlights organizational factors where the problems germinate from.

No business or consultant can make the most of this concrete 4T framework without the requisite expertise. Comaea Consulting has been using this framework successfully owing to its vast experience, degree of knowledge, and understanding of intricacies

We can be your HR strategic partner too and help you overcome your hindrances using this framework and other tools. To know more about our service offerings and to avail our consultation, reach out to us at

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