We are Comaea Consulting

Businesses and organizations need talented people to thrive today and tomorrow and that's exactly what Comaea Consulting helps you with. We are here to find the best people for you as well as help you address human resource challenges.

Whether you are searching for the right candidate or intending to train your employees or want to redefine your organizational structure, we are here to help you navigate these human resource challenges smoothly.

We take pride in being one of the few HR consultancy firms that looks for a two-way fit. This is true that every business looks for difference-making talent and every candidate remains in search of a turning point in his career, the focal purpose of our existence is to bridge this gap between an organization's need for great talent and talented people's need for a great organization.


We are in the business of building careers and organizations. We exist to help organizations transform themselves through people.


We embed ourselves within the clients’ environment and envision ourselves as an extension of our client organization. We bring a deep commitment and a shared sense of purpose with our clients.


We are passionate about people and driven by our core values of Credibility, Commitment, Competence, & Courage. These values enable us to foresee people challenges ahead of time and add value in our client organizations. We want to have fun in whatever we do.

The Building Blocks of Excellence


Exemplary Partnership


Exceptional Value


Through 4C


Our Guiding Values


Comaea Consulting Culture

Exemplary Partnership

We believe that the impact we create for our clients goes way beyond our operations which is why we believe in forging an honest, respectful, and long-lasting connection with our clients. While working with our customers, we ensure their best and long-term benefits, exude a passionate drive to exceed their expectations, and nurture a deep and trusted partnership.

We aspire to be an integral part of our client's DNA and onboard them only when we know we can make a difference. Holding client information and data confidential, and acting in their best interest always are some of our policies that reflect our commitment to serving our clients.

Exceeding Expectations & Adding Value

We aim to exceed our clients' expectations by pushing ourselves to try out hard things, taking big bets, and by working on problems that challenge us. We are a team of unshakable optimists dedicated to helping clients find the right fit even in cases of rare and complex talent needs. We proudly wear the slogan that if a profile exists in the world, we will find it by any means.

To add value to the services we offer to our clients we adopt a holistic approach. To propose solutions with notable and long-lasting impacts, it is imperative to understand how different elements fit together. That is why we aim to get to the heart of your people's challenges so that we can offer viable, valuable, and effective solutions.

Ability to Foresee, Driven by 4C

With a firm belief that consultancy is more than giving advice and providing mere solutions, we instituted a 4C framework, which reflects the way we serve our clients in present as well as our long-term commitment to them. Comprising Credibility, Commitment, Competence, and Courage; these four Cs work in conjunction to let us foresee what's coming.

With this foresight exercise, we practice agility and scenario planning for our clients. It enables us to quickly anticipate and adopt emerging and innovative opportunities related to talent management much before the rest of the market.

Our Guiding Values

We reflect our values in all our interactions with our clients as well as with our colleagues. In the guiding light of these principles, we conduct ourselves and perform our duties.

Because we are true to ourselves and the beliefs that we hold, our actions always mirror the highest integrity and ethics. We perform our work with enthusiasm, and conviction and adhere to the laws, rules, and regulations of the geographies we operate in.

We believe our services are all about optimism, practical solutions, and positive change, and by following this spirit we continue to evolve and grow. Quick fixes, poaching clients, and shortcuts are not our things.

Leaning on our experience and expertise, we embrace risk and challenge ourselves and our clients to go further to create transformative and high-impact outcomes. Our work matches our words in all our endeavours.

The Comaea Consulting Culture

Our success-and much of the fun-comes from our culture, which is not bound by convention. It lifts systematic and corporate barriers by promoting open conversations, transparency, and creativity. This approach allows us to take risks, work on moon-shot ideas and push ourselves beyond our limits to attain excellence in everything we do.

We aim for excellence and achieve it every time because we all are insatiably curious and eager to learn new things. We are always learning while we work on projects, interact with clients, and of course, by attending formal workshops and training sessions. This is the way we sustain our professional creativity and passion and ensure that our skills are aligned with the shifting demands of the business arena.

These cultural traits are of immense significance for us because these attributes bound us together; therefore, we seek like-minded people to join in on the adventure.

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