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An Italian specialized logistic company with its operations spanning the Asia Pacific and Europe is recognized as an industry leader. With the specialization in complex logistic projects, the company's operation was expanding in the Asia Pacific. To cater to its expansion plans, recruiting a senior director for health and safety operations was on the agenda.

The Context

The specialized logistic company knew there's a lot at stake when you conduct recruitment for a senior position. Therefore, they were looking for a resource with a perfect balance of hard and soft skills as well as cognitive abilities to pursue this leadership role.

Unfortunately, the recruitment agency of this specialized logistic company was pushing resumes by only matching the hard skills of potential candidates with job responsibilities. Without a concrete assessment of cognitive abilities and soft skills, the company was getting candidates who could do the job but lacked the ability to lead and direct.

The Challenge

Challenged with significant attrition and no further stamina to bear another misfit, the COO of the company called Comaea Consulting and handed over this task of recruiting a senior director for health and safety operations and to acquire a better fit in one go.


Following its core practice of getting to the root cause of every challenge, Comaea Consulting started by grasping a deep understanding of the logistic company's culture, the specified role, its skills, duties, personality, and its expectations. Using these valuable nuggets of insights, Comaea Consulting devised a competency model that governed the candidates' selection. To assess this combination of on-the-job skills as well as behavioral and cognitive abilities, consultants knew that they must use assessment tools that would present them with a whole-person view of the candidate.


Comaea Consulting adopted a strategic thinking approach and set its intent not only to understand the role, responsibilities, and scope of this candidate but also the outcomes, impact, and gap that the company wanted to address with this new hire.

Using its customized assessment tools, Comaea Consulting drafted a snapshot of the skills and qualities required for succeeding in this role. Experts at Comaea Consulting then performed an in-depth assessment of potential candidates by utilizing a battery of tests combined with in-person interviews. These tests and interviews presented a high-resolution picture of each potential candidate's skills, intellect, psyche, and true potential of a leader.


Gaining the ability to conduct science-backed and effective multiple assessment methods paid off, resulting in 2 great shortlisted candidates. Based merely on an in-person interview, the specialized logistic company wanted to go ahead with candidate number 1; whereas interview analysis combined with rigorous assessments was suggesting candidate number 2 to be a better fit.

The sheer number of tests allowed Comaea Consulting to say with precision which candidate is the best. Confident in its selection decision, Comaea Consulting persisted on the suitability of candidate number 2. The specialized logistic company eventually accepted the recommendation and hired candidate number 2. The candidate has been successfully working in this role for more than five years and achieving one milestone after another.

Professional recruitment has shifted the gear and now involves advanced and technological tools to conduct candidates' assessments. To know more about how your organization can achieve hiring goals with our services, get in touch with us at: sales@comaeaconsulting.com.

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