Defining The Needed Capabilities


Capability model building for superior performance

How we ensured that a new hire succeeded in the new role

Most organisations hire for knowledge, skills and abilities or KSAs of the new hires to ensure that they perform their duties within their job roles, successfully. However, it is the positive attitude, flexibility and effective communication skills, to name a few, that define their ultimate success in the new roles. Likewise, organisations often promote employees based on their past performance, but fail to gauge whether the promotional candidate possesses the requisite temperament to be successful in that job role or not.

For successful new hiring or promotion, it is crucial to look beyond the KSAs of the candidates and hire them against a well defined capability model that can gauge their attitude towards work and workplace and their ability to conduct effective communication with others. Any shortcut can lead to suboptimal results for the candidate as well as the client.

Comaea Consulting helped one of their FMG clients in the capability model building of their country manager, in Thailand. The new promotee had handled the role of a sales manager and the key accounts manager for a decade. As a result, he needed to get out of his sales mindset and take on the general management role with greater emphasis on people and finance management. The well defined capability model created by us helped the promotee to focus on the key drivers of success and justify his promotion.


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