Retain the Right People


Employee engagement survey to know what employees truly want

How we measured employee engagement to leverage employee

retention rate of a global shipping company.

Our client is a global shipping company with over 30 thousand employees and half a century of operations. Its rapid growth is a testament to its superior HR performance and financial acumen.

The client was at a stage, where they needed to qualitatively measure the needs and desires of the employees to gauge whether they felt invested in their company’s mission and success. The client wanted to use these employee feedback as guides in their HR policies and procedures to promote the health of its business. Furthermore, they wanted to ensure that there was a direct alignment with the company’s strategy, direction and employee values so that employees felt that they belonged to the company and stayed on.

The client called upon Comaea Consulting to design a robust employee engagement survey and implement it in a confidential manner through online data collection from each employee stationed in every field office across the globe. Post survey, our consultants generated comprehensive management and communication reports and submitted them to the management, suggesting  key improvement areas in the systems, processes, and policies. The client considered our reports as the ultimate indicator of their business health and the best way to sport their areas of improvement particularly with respect to retention of employees.


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