Retain the Right People


Building a solid employer brand

How we resolved an employee shortage crisis with an innovative employer

branding programme.

Our client is a leading European services company with a history of over 20 years in Asia. In the initial years, the company opted for an opportunistic way and then continued to suffer in the subsequent years, due to negative market perception. They began to face massive shortage of employees as no one with options was ready to join them. They did not take heed that the employment conditions had drastically changed over the years and therefore found themselves unable to compete with the best-in-class employers with regard to attracting worthy talents.

Their work suffered as a result, and so they decided to enhance their brand image in the market with immediate effect.

Comaea Consulting was engaged on a long term basis to devise a fool-proof strategy to work on the employer branding. Starting with a vision-mission-values workshop that articulated the company’s direction and focus, several other HR initiatives were made and implemented over two years. This included campus visits and recruitment, employer branding roadshows as well as initiating an aggressive social media coverage that boosted their brand image several notches higher. As the collective impact of these initiatives taken, their employment shortage crisis fazed away.


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