Outplacement assistance to employees of a plant that shut down

after 30 years of operation.

How we helped retrenched mid-managers of a shutdown plant to find

next employment.

Our client is a top European manufacturer and a leader in its segment. Their factory was operational for 30 years in Malaysia and its closure meant hunting new employment opportunities for all the employees. The company being a manufacturing organisation, many of its employees were shop floor workers, who could find employments easily in other factories. However, the mid management faced the actual brunt, where the average tenure of the cadre was 15 years, including two of the longest serving employees, who were with the factory since day one.

The client company were known for their culture of showing gratitude and appreciation for their employees; that is why, they felt that merely paying a generous severance was not good enough, when half of the incumbents did not even know how to register on a job board. So they decided to support their outgoing mid management cadre in whichever possible way they could, to ensure their smooth job transition

Comaea Consulting was called upon to design and deliver a group outplacement program to help the incumbents find their next placements. Within eight weeks of start of the program with the laid-off employees, all of them found their next employments. It is worth to mention that three out of them, found jobs by the third week from start of the program.


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