The effective management of human resources involves a broad spectrum of disciplines. First, you acquire talented candidates, then you have to train them to harness their true potential and cultivate a structure that supports them. That's not all, you also need to have well-defined systems in place to manage their performances.

When HR leaders and consultants consider and work on these disciplines separately, they see the bigger picture as a jigsaw puzzle with its pieces misaligned.

Comaea Consulting, however, believes that these varied disciplines work in synergy and forms a chain of interlinked events that promises nothing but value and high impact out of your human capital. That is why we call it the Human Capital Value Chain.

The phenomenon of the human capital value chain reflects a holistic approach, puts human capital at the center, and encompasses integrated disciplines to drive value and results.

At Comaea Consulting we see every project from the lens of this powerful, flexible, and holistic framework.

This 360-degree perspective takes a cohesive view of acquiring, developing, organizing, and managing human capital and forms a powerful framework to work on the full spectrum of talent management.

The smartness of this holistic human capital value chain approach is its flexibility. You can choose to work on one process at a time and then move to another or use it as a guide to identify which processes are on track as well as the ones that need more focus and attention to optimize value and performance.

At Comaea Consulting we see every project from the lens of this powerful, flexible, and holistic framework. Our deep understanding of each process in its proper context allows us to make the most of this phenomenal system.

Acquire – Getting The Right Talent On Board

Talent acquisition is the first step that sows the seeds of value in your human capital strategy. A strategic talent acquisition process accurately meets your hiring goals and gives you the best-fit talents. The full cycle recruitment reflects value when each step of the process is driven by the organization's current and future needs, insights, and defined objectives. Your business is as good as the people you bring in, so the key is to acquire talents that best fit the jobs.

Develop- Setting Your People Up for Success

Aligning your talent development strategy with your overall business goal is another bedrock of creating valuable human capital. Developing talent through career pathing, employee engagement, roles rotations, coaching, and training enhances your organizational capabilities.

Crafting training and development strategies that best compliment your talent initiatives fosters a high-performance workforce and culture.

Organize – Harnessing The Synergy Of Structure

Structure breeds behavior: therefore, designing a structure for your organization that caters to your business needs and delivers results is indispensable. A strong organizational structure, cohesive teams, and smart organizational design – all are regarded as key aspects that further shape your human capital. When department design and reporting chains are put in place through organizational savviness and strategic goals, it vividly reflects in the organizational performance.

Manage – Planning, Executing and Measuring Relentlessly

Shaping, influencing, and leading a great team of people also involves effective management of these employees. An equitable and inclusive approach, smart tools, effective processes, and resources enhance the performance management system. Adopting these best practices is another cornerstone that maximizes the impact of a well-organized team and ensures that the human capital delivers a high ROI.

Each discipline of the human capital value chain occupies immense significance and requires focus and attention. Using the expertise, experience, and wisdom HR leaders and consultants can determine the importance and timings of each process and utilize this framework to its fullest to build a winning human capital

Comaea Consulting has been successful in delivering remarkable results to its clients using this framework. We offer both full-spectrum services as well as individually tailored services of these processes. To know more about our service offerings and to avail our consultation, reach out to us at

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