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Individual Outplacement service at CXO levels

How our outplacement service leveraged the next move of a senior

level professional.

Our client had an outstanding career as he raised a successful IT services company of Southeast Asia from scratch. A successful IT services company of Southeast Asia. After 10 years of running this operation, he yearned for more challenges in life and sought change.

At Comaea Consulting, we pride ourselves for being in the “business of building careers”. We believe that if we are able to build solid careers, then our contribution can lead to build robust organisations and there lies our ultimate professional pride. Helping senior professionals find their next job through customized outplacement services is part of our mission.

Having said that, we readily accepted this particular opportunity and deputed one of our high performing senior consultants as a personal outplacement advisor to the client. After a period of time, our outplacement assistance bore fruit and the candidate took on his next placement in a top rung consulting firm.

The satisfaction that we reap from such placements makes us strive to offer similar services to other veteran professionals, who solicit our services.


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