Leadership and Team Building Program

The Leadership and Teambuilding Program(LTB)  is targeted at Seagoing Officers especially Ship Management Team members (SMT) working on merchant ships in ship management and ship owning companies. The program is designed to develop competencies around leadership and teambuilding skills with a special focus on the ship-board operations and its interaction with shore based management. It is a proven program that is based on a keen understanding of the needs of shipping and ship-management organizations.

It is a 16 hours training program delivered in a workshop mode over 2-days. The program covers the key aspects of leadership and team building for seagoing staff of merchant vessels. Starting in 2014 the course curriculum of the program benefits from the experience of having trained over 1000 seafarers through 20 such workshops in Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, and India. The programs are run as an inhouse program developed and delivered with the specific needs of the clients in mind


» Thank the seafarers – Everything you need and have is because someone chose to sail!

Traditionally, maritime education and training have focused on technical skills and competency of the seagoing staff. They are expected to lead and manage a significant team and an expensive asset. But their competency certification process ignores the need for leadership and team building skills. Training Programs run ashore by the in-house maritime training schools focus and approach once again this issue from technical aspects such as in the course like BTM and ERM. Some attempts by in-house seafarers seminar run by companies largely aim to have camaraderie and good time while informing most important fleet incidences and learning. Such seminar don’t aim to impart hard leadership skills. As a result, the leadership, and management education and training of the seafarers has been ignored in traditional maritime HR process at all levels and left to chance in many organizations.

After interacting with managers in our client organization and within maritime community, we discover that the most critical need that must be bridged is to impart leadership and team building training to seafarers working on ships. The group that needs such training the most is among the engineering and navigating officers at the management levels.

» Overview

The main stated objective for this program has been to develop its shipboard management teams’ leadership and management capability. The  main aim of the LTB Program to train its entire sailing staff to be competent leaders and team players well versed in leadership skills and competence, demonstrated by their ability to challenge when needed, influence others, demonstrate confidence, and develop ability to manage complexities. Further, to fully align with the company vision, mission, and values among its seagoing staff as their core part of functioning and shipboard culture. Through these workshops it is expected that the seagoing staff goes beyond just knowing importance of these expectations but to be able to walk-the-talk and come out as a role model to juniors on board.  Such training is not only expected to lead them to perform better in their respective roles but also to grow in their career, help others to grow with the company, and assume increasingly important roles in the organization.

» LTB Program Objective

To develop seagoing senior staff in their leadership and team building skills by:

  • Providing fundamental leadership and team building concepts via content-led delivery
  • Stimulating greater collaboration, team working and leadership attitude through practical exercises
  • Creating a greater sense of ownership and leadership initiative

Conducted by Dr. K K Sharma LTB Program focuses on imparting highly actionable skills that can be applied to the job immediately.


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