Client and Context

A European maritime capital equipment company recognized as the world's number one manufacturers in its segment has a crucially important division in Singapore. Though this division is quite well-established and is itself a decades-old business, it had organizational structure, managerial competency, and leadership challenges that were manifesting as employee turnover and managerial performance.


Without an internal HR department, the company had no option but to rely on external agencies and consultants. Most of these external consultants only tried to solve the symptomatic issue of attrition, without understanding the undercurrents of structure, competence, and motivation. Consequently, they just kept pushing resumes in a bid to get recruitment business.

Disappointed by the results and wanting to break free from conventional and overused solutions to deal with its people issue, the company decided to give Comaea Consulting a chance.

Comaea Consulting approach and solution

To get to the bottom of the problem and highlight details that other recruiters were missing, we approached this client with the spirit of true partnership. Based on trust and confidence, we developed a powerful collaboration and our team got to work hand in hand with the company.

Through on-site visits and interviews with employees and managers, our team looked under the hood and quickly identified 16 key areas that needed improvement and used the information to develop customized solutions.

We presented a thorough organizational audit report, developed a target operating model, worked on job descriptions, devised competency models for key positions, and developed a performance management system.

The Impact

When strategies and solutions were put into practice after understanding the core issues at hand, they showed the difference.

Recruitment guided by job descriptions and competency models resulted in the best matches. The performance management system improved employee motivation and satisfaction levels. Coaching of leaders and training of employees improved the organizational structure. Hence, Comaea Consulting truly gave a 360-degree turn to this marine capital equipment company.

As a result, the company successfully reduced its turnover rate, improved employee satisfaction level, got a concrete organizational structure, and trained and coached its staff and leaders.

Along with concrete, systematic, and strategic HR structure, processes, and methodologies, the company also ended up finding a true HR partner that is there for them through thick and thin.


A strong allyship approach and gaining the trust of our clients are the benchmarks we use to measure our success. Indeed, it was this trust and partnership that turned this one-off project into a long-term strategic partnership. Together, the goals that we have achieved and things that we aspire to do are nothing but an epitome of a true partnership.

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