Defining The Needed Capabilities
Organizational audit

Organisational audit of a manufacturing and repair services 


How we helped in aligning an organisation to raise their profits.


Our client is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of technologically advanced capital equipment , for over 50 years. Its repair and service business contributes to 50% of the profit in the Asian region. The recent economic downturn in this segment had decreased sales of the new capital equipment. To combat this challenge, the company needed to find out if the organisational structure was optimal and functioning well.

They had two options in hand; either to continue like before, or to increase the size of the repair and service segment for higher profits. However, the industry had been suffering for a number of years as the repair business was not as forthcoming as it was in the past. So the company chose to do an organisational audit.

Comaea Consulting pitched in to help them achieve their strategy by conducting the organisational audit. Four major and eight medium change initiatives were identified. Comaea helped to implement three of the four major initiatives and successfully completed three of the eight medium initiatives. Comaea continues to support the remaining change initiatives. After the first year of implementation, the company regained control over the profit margins and their sales revenue increased, significantly.


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