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Building a pipeline of competent technical service engineers in APAC

Recruitment of a solid team of competent service engineers in APAC


Our client is a leading manufacturer of packaging machinery, engaged in B2B sales. Barely four years in the Asian market, they have already installed around 300 machines across APAC region. With a growing demand for service support in the region, our client wanted to hire service engineers from Asia, instead of going by the usual practice of engaging engineers from headquarters, a solution that is not very cost effective either way.

The client with the support of the external consulting companies, managed to hire few engineers initially from the industry, although they did not meet their expectations at work. Even though they had the necessary skills and experience, they were lacking in interpersonal and cognitive skills and therefore could not deal with the customers or deliver service to the management’s satisfaction.

Comaea Consulting partnered with the client and scouted the market to build a pipeline of engineers, who were technically strong, with the desired personality attributes. Our consultants built a capability model for this specialised profile, highlighting a need for conscientious work ethics, ability to build solid relationships with customers and flexibility to manage ambiguity and diverse environment autonomously, at the client site. As a sourcing strategy, an open search using all possible job portals and regional newspaper advert were used with a view to create maximum brand awareness for the employer within APAC. The passive candidates from the packaging and related industry were also headhunted to broaden the talent pool. Over the last two years, eight senior engineers hired by us have surpassed client expectations and are growing along with the company, thanks to our robust selection process. Till date, not a single candidate gets hired by the company, without being screened by the assessment process of Comaea Consulting, before their final selection.


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