Developing The Key People

Team Coaching

Team coaching for sales leadership for an electronics manufacturer.

How we leveraged sales growth in new segments.

Our client was a newly emerging player in the electronics equipment manufacturing segment for logistics industry. Though they were world leaders in one specific segment of industrial consumers, they were unable to establish a strong foothold in the other segments. Part of the reason was the product diversity itself, but the other part had relevance to the inefficient sales capabilities in the mid-tier of the company’s sales department.

One choice was to hire skilled resources from outside and rejuvenate the team; but the company chose to coach their existing sales team and develop them internally.

We, at Comaea Consulting helped the company to achieve their goal by evaluating the existing capabilities, identifying individual potentials, identifying a team growth axis and finally coaching the sales team over a year through a mix of one-on-one and team coaching sessions. Before long, the growth path of the company reflected that they were likely to lead in two other segments as well, in the coming years.


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