Client and Context

A European IT consulting company with a major focus on the insurance and banking and financial sector has a well-established unit in Singapore with almost 400 staff in Southeast Asia. This company works in close collaboration with ERP and helps them roll out new insurance and banking applications.

The company faced a talent need dilemma when it won a contract of immense significance with a Japanese insurance company. The IT consulting firm's team used to cater to clients within SG and Europe, but not a Japanese company. This naturally resulted in a strategic need to have a team member with experience and expertise in ERP in the insurance sector with language proficiency of JLPT level 1 and given the visa restrictions the candidates also needed to be in Singapore.


This particular project that the IT consulting firm had won had huge significance for both their reputation and bottom line.. Also, many other IT consulting firms worked on this project previously but failed to deliver, making this role a key hire for our client to work on this project successfully.

While the prestige and reputation of this IT consulting firm were at stake, searching for a profile as complex as this one was a real challenge. That is why they were looking for a specialized recruiting team to identify, attract and engage a quality IT industry expert in their organization.

With no room for mistakes and a lot at stake, this German European IT consulting onboarded Comaea Consulting to do the job.


Understanding our client's stake and risk, our consultants knew that they have to adopt a fool-proof, no-fail, and holistic approach. To answer where is this sort of talent, where to look for it, and how to ensure we are engaging the right candidates, our consultants built a process based on three core pillars:

  • Search far and wide to establish a credible pool of potential candidates.
  • Ensuring that the potential profile is the right fit.
  • Empowering incumbents by letting them fully understand the role and then opt for it.

Robust Search Strategy

Our recruitment experts began the search process by embarking on a dual journey. While we began to build a pipeline of potential candidates by searching for them within the industry; at the same time, we also looked for the right fit among the end-user (insurance companies), across other SW platforms like Oracle and even outside Singapore. Though this was a huge leap, it paved the way to reach out to ideal profiles.

The right way to discover the right fit.

Through this robust search and sourcing process, our consultants were successful in curating a list of 20 candidates out of which 10 showed their interest in the job. Now the big task for our consultants was to ensure that they have their hands on the right candidates.

To do that we developed a specialist competency model and gauge each shortlisted candidate's potential, caliber, and talent using this model. We also conducted an in-depth personality assessment to ensure we acquire the right talent.

The holistic hiring approach calls for empowering potential candidates

Because we see everything from a practical point of view and with a long-term perspective, we know that identifying the right fit is not a surety for retention. To lower turnaround and improve retention, it is imperative that shortlisted candidates also have a complete overview of the job. To do that, our consultants prepared a briefing document so that potential candidates fully understand what to expect and make an informed decision. We also spent time interviewing these candidates to understand their motivation level, their view of the role, and their expectations.


In a case like this that seeks a unique combination of skills and expertise, acquiring qualified tech talent is not a linear path. But, adopting an enriching search strategy, developing a core competency model specifically for the role and thorough personality assessment proved to be a fertile ground to discover the talent that this IT consulting firm was looking for.

Not only that our client found exactly the candidate they wanted, but they also asked us to continue to work on this project to ensure employee retention. Our consultants carried on their engagement with this new incumbent to gauge job satisfaction and motivation level and then suggested appropriate strategies.

Also, impressed by our innovative methodologies, work ethics, and passion; the IT consulting firm also landed us more recruitment jobs even though there are various insurance recruitment specialists in the market.

Now Comaea Consulting is a trusted partner of this IT consulting firm. In fact, our staunch determination to attain excellence in each project made our client give us the first right of refusal for any hire.

Indeed, with trust and true partnership and our unique methodologies and expertise, our consultants always turn obstacles into opportunities and leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals. This is the reason why businesses and organizations in the technology sector lean on consultancy firms like us to support them with their talent agenda. Get in touch to know more about our services and how we can help you too to meet your people-related goals. Reach out to us at:

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