Retain the Right People


Crafting a succinct vision-mission-values statement for a company

How we facilitated a company to get over their past legacy and

present the new reality

Our client is a leading European services company that has been in operation for over seven years. In the initial years, it had focused on execution of the demanded services. Now it has reached a stage and scale that requires it to provide a well articulated vision and mission statement that clearly and concisely communicates to the market its overall business goals and articulates to its employees as to where the company is heading.

The client felt that the policies, rules, and HR manual were insufficient for this focused objective and solicited a well defined vision-mission-values statement to articulate succinctly, the company’s business goals and organisational values. However, they did not want it to be another version of what the CEO wrote as a vision-mission statement. Their idea was to engage the whole management team to recreate the core statements.

Comaea Consulting pitched in. Our consultants arranged a facilitation workshop to engage the entire management team and elicit their inputs to craft a highly impactful vision-mission-values statement of the company that effectively synthesised the company’s ambition, mobilised the existing employees and at the same time attracted high quality new ones.


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