Client and Context

A European technology support provider partners up with the world's largest tech platforms like SAP and Microsoft to provide robust solutions to its clients. The business of this firm was flourishing by leaps and bounds.

To expand its wings in the Asia Pacific, the company set up its regional office in Singapore. With a European mindset and technology background, the management was wrestling with people challenges this new market.

The undertaking to create an in-house HR department can be quite costly and daunting for a business that's just starting in a new market. Therefore, the company was looking for seasoned insights from a pro who they can call for advice. In such a scenario, relying on part-time HR support service seemed a viable option for the firm and Comaea Consulting was the only one in the market to lean on to avail such a service.


Accepting the role of part-time HR director for this client came with a lot of challenges. When you accept the responsibility to lead and guide a team that's on its way to expansion, you have to endure immense pressure to tackle work more efficiently as well as ensure that you catalyze the impact.

In addition, to produce efficient and impactful solutions, the push to do everything on a budget was another challenging aspect of this project.

It is also important to mention that when you work as a part-time HR director for a growing entity, you are supposed to wear many hats and look after many different aspects of human capital all alone. Therefore, staying high alert at all times and performing each task with equal excellence was also a tough call for this job.

Our Approach

To deliver this unique service, we knew that we need to adopt a unique and creative approach. First of all, we reinforced and reminded ourselves of the core philosophy behind offering this service which stems from a true passion for capable growing organizations to tackle their human capital issues until they can afford to have a full-time or in-house HR department. By following this approach, we invested fully in providing human answers to this IT support provider firm.

To ensure that we render all our services that create multifold benefits as well as work in favor of the financial condition of a new business, we produced customized and tailored solutions. For instance, when this company needed to recruit 80 employees for a newly established global delivery center, we charged them on a per-day basis instead of billing them per recruit and estimated that the task would roughly take 30 days. This way, we ensured the efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness that this IT company needed the most.

To show our commitment that we are truly in business to help them in dealing with their human capital issues, we latched out ourselves from the revenue rut. We always suggested strategies and solutions that produce maximum results with minimum cost. The fact that when this organization grew and could afford an in-house and full-time consultant, we helped them in finding one and bid farewell to them after 18 months though we initially formulated the contract for 24 months.

The Impact

Our approach to offering tailored HR support solutions produced some remarkable outcomes. The biggest impact was that the company never had to worry about people management. With the thought process and experience of being a true visionary, we were always on the pulse of all human capital issues and were able to spot problem areas and work on them before they even surface. All aspects of human capital management and organizational structure including employee morale, having mission-aligned talent, transparency, and clear communication between the managing partner at global headquarters and regional manager, and all other aspects were under control to empower the company for success.

Making the most of our strategic HR support services, this company grew multifold in less than two years. They were able to open up two new offices in Asia, grew from single digit to hundreds of employees, and developed a global delivery center in Asia with more than 80 employees.

The IT support company attained these great feats – apart from having great leadership and reputation of delivering on its promises - because its talent, structure, and every aspect of human capital was well-managed. We worked hand-in-hand with the company leadership to drive success at every stage.

Our HR support service is one-of-a-kind service that no other typical HR consultancy firm offers. It helps businesses to get human capital support right where they need it. If you are interested to get to know more about this service and other services that we offer,
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